How to find profitable Amazon products and niches by reverse engineering Amazon affiliates

How to find profitable Amazon products for affiliate managers

I myself have been an Amazon affiliate for years and consider their affiliate program to be one of the best affiliate programs for physical products in the world.

I’ve made some nice money with Amazon, and even though I’m pretty far from a superaffiliate gurus that try to sell you their ebooks on Clickbank, I can’t complain.

Whether you’re already selling Amazon products as an affiliate or just planning to do so, I’d like to show you how to track profitable products that sell well with a little effort. I mean less effirt than usual amount of effort 🙂

This method requires an account. Ahrefs is not the cheapest program, but if you want to do online espionage (a.k.a. competition reverse engineering) at a higher level, you simply can’t do without Ahrefs.

So let’s say you already have an Ahrefs account.

Launch it, go to Site explorer and put there.

Go to backlinks. Ahrefs gives you tons of them.

Let´s filter the results a bit:

  • we need one link per domain only
  • we need pages with traffic so let´s set traffic to 500+ (you can play with this, some industries will do with 100+)
  • we want pages that are amazon associates, so let´s search for “tag=” included in “url of the backlinks”.

In my case I´ve got some 1800 backlinks.

We´re only interested in easy targets with quick cash perspective, thus we order the results ascending (low first) by DR or UR.

What we see is our bright future
… Pages with zero UR and DR power, yet with hundreds and even thousands of monthly traffic aiming at some attractive and profitable Amazon products we could sell ourselves.

Visit those sites, analyze their content and backlinks and do it better then them.

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