How to find free legal expired content that passes plagiarism checks

how to find unique expired content

If you struggle to find free quality content, whether to repost to your blog or just to use as an inspiration for your future work, don’t go any further.

I will show you how to dig out just this kind of content for free, quickly, easily and in accordance with all laws. How you will use this content is up to you …

There were times when one of the most popular methods of building backlinks was so-called article marketing. Many of you may still remember this term but for many, it is just a distant prehistory of Internet marketing. Today, we would call this way of promoting a site the forerunner of content marketing.

The system worked so that there were several thousands more or less popular article directories that published articles in which their authors could place links to their websites or in fact to any websites, no matter whether theyowned them or not.

On the one hand, we had popular directories that received free content from thousands of independent authors, and on the other hand, we had independent authors who received links from popular websites in return. Sounds like a deal? You bet it did that time.

And I haven’t said one important thing yet, and that is that anyone who wanted to, was allowed to freely publish such articles providing that they followed the established commom rules, usually you had to keep the backlinks intact.

This popular deal worked very well until about 2011, when Google and other internet search engines (yes, there were other internet search engines at that time) realized that this whole thing was actually a conspiracy to manipulate their search results and article marketing ended quickly. Well, at least article marketing in the form in which it existed.

Article directories subsequently experienced rough times and the vast majority of them failed to continue their expensive operation in the following years and disappeared.

However, this does not change anything with the fact that those bloggers have already made their articles public and allowed them for republishing, which opens up a new opportunity for us. This would not have happened without the awesome Internet Archive, for which we are infinitely and eternally grateful…

Of course, I’m not persuading anyone to steal someone else’s expired content, I’ll just show you how to get free, quick, and easy access to long-forgotten content that its authors have already authorized for further use on the public Internet.

We start the adventure of finding expired legal content with our Smartial Search. We’ll enter the keyword “article directory” leave the additional keywords empty and hit the search button. Then we will sort the results by the number of pages (descending).

We see that one of the sites at the top of the search results is Those of you who swim in these waters for some time probably remember this website, once it was probably the biggest competitor of article marketing behemoth

It used to be one of the top players – nevertheless – Articledashboard also did not stand the test of time and a few years ago it disappeared in somewhere the dark of the Internet Oblivion.

Now we can either click on the corresponding link, or better yet, take the articledashboard url and go streight to the Smartial Scanner.

In the scanner, enter the url “” (to filter out from the results those pages that do not contain articles) and check the option to keep subdirectories.

The scanner gave us almost 100k results and since we need to process them, we click on the “copy to clipboard” button and open our favorite spreadsheet processor. In my case it’s MS Excel, but you can use whatever you like.

We filter the results according to what we want to achieve, for example, I filtered articles containing the keywords “grow” and “plants” in the title, at the same time.

I will copy the filtered list of articles to the clipboard and go to our Article Extractor.

And the time of harvest has come, gentlemen. Enter all URLs into the extractor and it extracts texts from the individual articles.

If you’re lucky, depending on the niche, you can also find content that has long since dropped out of the cache of the search engines (if it’s ever been there) and the plagiarism checker gives you 100% uniq

If possible, follow the rule of keeping-all-backlinks-intact, although for example, I certainly do not recommend linking to any dead pages, in that case rather don’t link out and just leave the name of the author.

Be open-minded and inventive, you have saved the content from the Internet Oblivion, but a simple repost is no longer enough today.

If possible, update this content, add your own perspective, interpretation, relationships to other facts, refinements, graphs, visualizations, videos, anything you can to enrich such long-forgotten content and prepare it to survive several more successful years.

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  1. I haven’t tested the other web directories but your example no longer works as someone requested to have all their /Article/ page removed from WM.

    Great tutorial nonetheless 🙂 and your tool is amazing…

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